The visit of Skyline University to the CU-CDIIC took place on 28th of September 2022. The visiting team comprised Skyline’s University Vice-Chancellor, Professor Kumar, and the Acting Head of Cooperate Affairs, Mr. Umar Farouk. The purpose of the visit to the committee was to seek a partnership with CU-CDIIC -, find answers to some of their questions regarding community development, and replicate what we have at Covenant University back at Skyline University.

Members of the CU-CDIIC present were the chair – Asso. Prof. George Tayo, Former chairs – Dr. Agarana Michael and Dr Asaolu Ronke, Ag. Secretary – Mrs. Diji-geske Ruth, The Welfare officer – Engr. Koforola, and Dr Opeyemi Joshua.

The Chair CU-CDIIC welcomed the Skyline team and introduced all the CDIIC members present. After this she gave a brief history of the CDIIC, and elaborated on the services the committee has rendered encompassing but not limited to this list; collaboration with the local government for L.G.A staff training, Environmental cleaning, pubic purse filling, community medical outreach, donation of consumables (foodstuff), marking of international days (cancer, children, literacy, etc.), laboratory innovations, provision of operational vehicles for the Military Police, donation of 30kva generator to state hospitals, student projects of transparent waste bins, and provision of boreholes to communities 

 The Chair went further to say that all the committee’s programs were targeted toward the 17 SDG goals. She also mentioned that the committee has an active website on the University’s page.

The chair opened the floor for other members to speak. Dr Opeyemi Joshua noted any meaningful development partners on infrastructure identifying the needs of the community through advocacy with stakeholders. DDrAgarana Michael talked briefly about his tenure and gave room for questions to be asked.

Prof. Kumar f Skyline University took the floor to mention that they also have a community development committee. He mentioned some of the activities that have been carried out, which include the distribution of mosquito nets, AIDS awareness day tests, food distribution during Ramadam, and tree planting, all of which are sponsored by the school. He went further to say that they are however seeking sponsorship.

The VC SU mentioned the intention to link all community development initiatives through the Sustainable Development Goals, and the need to streamline their events. He did mention that they were looking to have some small programs with cooperatives with no financial involvement. He also expressed concern over some challenges facing them. One of which includes the lack of interest of their students in community participation. Afterwards, he raised the question of how members of the committee are constituted, and if special incentives are given to members

The chair of CU-CDIIC gave some recommendations, following what is being practised at Covenant University and producing results. She said membership of the committee should be drawn from the various departments for smooth operations, and have sub-committees headed by people from the relevant departments. Nevertheless, in the composition of a committee, the chair may be made nominate active members, however through their consent. She noted that it requires collective responsibility. She did not fail to mention that Covenant University students are actively engaged in community development and that the committee has an active website with space for voluntary registration. There are no special incentives for members, however light refreshment follows participation during events.

Dr Opeyemi Joshua pointed out that for community service to be impactful, community focus is necessary, and the needs of the community should be generated through the community.

The VC SU went further to ask how the impact is measured. The chair responded that this is done through the University’s ranking body, SDG goals in charge of specific areas supported with pictures, videos, and links. She pointed out that community feedback is usually gotten through interviews.

The VC SU enquired about the priority of the proposal assessment. The CDIIC chair said a needs assessment will be carried out and sent to the University for funding, however, if the funding is too large, a partnership will be sought.

The chair advised that a website separate from the school’s web space be initiated.

Prof. Kumar of Skyline University said CDIIC’s website impacted him, and that he was proud of the work the committee does and will want to follow stepwise. He proposed that whatever community development works the CDIIC intends to engage in should be done simultaneously with theirs.

The meeting ended with words of appreciation and a group photograph.

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