In a proactive initiative aimed at addressing health concerns and promoting community well-being, Covenant University’s Community Development Impact Initiative Committee (CU-CDIIC) collaborated with CApIC-ACE to organize a comprehensive medical outreach on Thursday, April 25, 2024. The event, strategically held at the Living Faith Church Zonal Centre Facility in Sifor Community, Ota, coincided with World Malaria Day 2024 and saw the enthusiastic participation of over 200 community members.

The event commenced with an opening prayer led by Pastor Chinedu Opara – the community’s spokes person, setting a tone of unity and shared purpose. Dr. Aderonke Asaolu – Chair of CU-CDIIC, delivered a warm welcome address, outlining the objectives of the outreach. Emphasis was placed on the provision of free health counseling, malaria tests, medical checkups, and essential medications.

Dr. Olayemi Akinnola from CApIC-ACE delivered an enlightening talk on malaria, focusing on its causes and prevention strategies. The discussion resonated with this year’s theme, ‘Accelerating the fight against malaria for a more equitable world.’ Furthermore, Prof. Chinonye Love Moses from Covenant University provided valuable insights into balanced nutrition and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, enriching the community’s understanding of holistic health.

The CApIC-ACE team conducted free malaria tests and offered medical checkups to all participants. Special attention was given to pregnant women and nursing mothers who received insecticide-treated mosquito nets, contributing significantly to efforts aimed at combating malaria and promoting maternal and child health.

Participants expressed heartfelt appreciation to Covenant University’s management and CApIC-ACE for organizing the outreach and delivering essential medical services and products to the community. Their gratitude underscored the significance of such initiatives in addressing pressing health needs and fostering a sense of communal well-being.

The successful execution of the World Malaria Day Medical Outreach not only provided vital medical services but also showcased Covenant University’s unwavering commitment to community development and healthcare provision, exemplifying its dedication to improving the lives of those it serves.


Ruth Diji-geske 2024