In the heart of Ota, Nigeria, the vibrant Covenant University Community Development Impact Initiative Committee (CU-CDIIC) recently brought together the dynamic energy of of the CDIIC members, Covenant University students, the unwavering commitment of the Church Sanctuary Unit, the technical expertise of the Physical Planning Development Unit (PPDU), and the civic dedication of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC). Under the theme “I Serve Ota,” this collaborative effort aimed to transform the local landscape through a comprehensive drainage and sanitation exercise.

The diverse backgrounds and expertise of each participant created a harmonious symphony of collaboration, symbolizing the power of unity in community development.

The backbone of the operation was the meticulous cleaning of drainages. Students armed with gloves, shovels, and determination worked tirelessly to remove debris and sediment, ensuring unobstructed water flow. This not only addressed immediate concerns like potential flooding but also laid the foundation for long-term environmental sustainability.

Teams fanned out to corners of the roads, armed with bags and a shared commitment to a cleaner community. The streets, once cluttered with litter, witnessed a transformation as every discarded item found its way into disposal bags. The collective effort showcased the impact that conscientious waste disposal can have on the visual appeal of a locality.

Equipped with manual tools, participants took on the task of uprooting weeds that had encroached upon the roadside. Beyond aesthetics, this activity underscored a commitment to the health of the community, as unchecked weed growth can harbor pests and detract from the overall well-being of residents.

The “I Serve Ota” initiative extended beyond the physical act of cleaning. It became a catalyst for community engagement, fostering a sense of shared responsibility and a deeper connection among residents. Participants didn’t merely clear trash; they cleared the path for a brighter, healthier, and more closely-knit community. The vibrant faces of members of the Covenant University Community Development Impact Initiative Committee (CU-CDIIC), Covenant University students, the dedicated members of the church sanctuary unit, the skillful professionals from the physical planning development unit, and the committed officials of the Federal Road Safety Corps painted a picture of a community coming together for a common purpose.

No community development initiative is without its challenges. The “I Serve Ota” program identified areas for improvement, such as the need for enhanced waste management infrastructure and increased community awareness. However, these challenges served as stepping stones for future growth and refinement of similar endeavors.

As the last bag of trash was tied and the final weed uprooted, the Ota-Canaanland face stood transformed. The “I Serve Ota” initiative not only left behind cleaner drainages and tidier roads but also sowed the seeds for a more environmentally conscious and engaged community.

Ruth Diji-geske

Executive Secretary, CDIIC