In commemoration of the 66th birthday of our Mother in the faith Pastor (Mrs) Faith Abiola Oyedepo, CU-CDIIC engaged in a medical outreach at the suburb of Ota, the Obere community in Atan, Ado-Odo Local Government Area, Ogun State. Ogun State where free diagnosis, free eye test, and free distribution of medical supplies were made to indigent participants. Over 300 people participated and benefitted from the outreach including pregnant women and nursing mothers who also got free Intermittent treated Mosquito Bed Nets (ITNs). The Elderly were not left out as they were given first class treatments and prioritized medical tests such as blood sugar and high blood pressure test for them.

Professor Tayo George, Chairman of the Covenant University Community Development Impact Initiative Committee (CU-CDIIC) commended Pastor Mrs. Oyedepo’s humanitarian effort, saying it had become an annual tradition for her. She explained that this act of generosity is her way of thanking God for the blessings given on her family, notably her husband, Dr. David Oyedepo. Professor George stressed that Pastor Mrs. Oyedepo believes in celebrating her birthday by bringing joy to everyone around her, especially those who are elderly and disadvantaged members of the wider community.

A health education awareness talk was given by a medical personnel from the Covenant University Medical Centre – Pastor Aliwo Joseph. He recommended that community people prioritize their health, emphasizing the significance of balanced diets, adequate hydration, enough sleep, and stress management, particularly for those over the age of 40. He also underlined the importance of regular exercise and advised against alcohol and tobacco intake.

The medical outreach was extended to the General Hospital Onipanu in Ota. It was attended by Deputy Chief Medical Director – Dr. Èrò and Head of Nursing and Social Welfare Officer – Mr. Makinde. Several individuals, including a mother and her one-year-old baby, a mentally challenged woman who recently gave birth, an elderly woman with high blood pressure, and a man recovering from surgery, received free medical treatment and had their bills fully paid.

To add to the import of the occasion, Laralek Construction Company partnered with the University to cover the medical expenditures of six financially challenged patients with major health concerns being treated at General Hospital Ota.

Members of the Obere community expressed heartfelt gratitude to Pastor Mrs. Oyedepo for her generous act of kindness, particularly for remembering their community. Many residents also underwent eye examinations, received treatment, and were provided with reading glasses.