Projects and Logistics

Thank you for your interest in the Projects and Logistics Initiative of CU-CDIIC

CU-CDIIC continues to make a difference to neighboring communities through infrastructural projects such as school renovation and the provision of hospital beds, boreholes, and transformers for several communities

Some recent projects: Renovation of Unity High School Oke Ore Science Laboratory, Renovation of Health Centre at Oke Odan community near Owode and provision of hospital beds. CDIIC provided boreholes and transformers for several communities including the borehole at Ota market serving the market to date.

Thanks to Covenant University and the partnering organisers for putting up the one-day seminar. In my 10 years of residing in the community, nothing educative and impactful like this has been done for the children in the neighbourhood. We look forward to more and similar programmes towards reshaping the mindset and attitude of young people.

Mrs. Stella Komolafe,

Officer's Wife,| The Nigerian Correctional Service, Kirikiri, Lagos

“We are appreciative and delighted to Covenant University for the donation. On behalf of the parents, we pray that the Almighty God will reward them in abundance.”

Pst mIKE

Pst. Michael Animashaun

PTA Chairman, Unity High School, Kajola, Oke-ore

“Formerly without the equipment, we couldn’t perform some kinds of experiments without microscopes but now we can. Thanks to Covenant University”


Senior Student

Unity High School, Kajola, Oke-ore


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